Digital Products

thyssenkrupp Uhde offers a wide range of digital solutions aiming to significantly increase the performance and competitive edge of your plant and production. Our digital products portfolio focuses on the following goals:

  • Higher efficiency and transparency of the production
  • Increased uptime
  • Better quality of the end product
  • Decrease of emissions hazardous to the environment
  • Safety

Many of our products are offered with the possibility to be implemented as a subscription or a performance based model.

Data Analytics & Consultancy

Data Analytics and Consulting Packages

Support and insights with available data sets

This is a service based on the (existing) operating and analytical data that are transferred (manually) to our process experts and data scientists.
Major causes and key parameters causing anomalies will be determined. Regular reports including recommendations for operation and maintenance will be provided. Further explanations and discussion of improvement measures can be offered via meetings/calls.

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Predictive Maintenance

Remote Expert Support

Professional on-site support without travelling

With our tools for advanced remote support, our experts can provide you with on-site assistance in real time for your immediate trouble shooting and also regular maintenance.

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Automated Machine Monitoring

Intelligent improvement of turbomachinery

Turbomachinery relevant data will be continuously monitored and analysed. Specific algorithms, e. g. a dynamic limit observation of operating parameters are applied. This ensures that anomalies are detected early so that measures can be initiated to avoid negative impact on the machine performance.

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3D Scan and Application of Drones

Your plant from a new perspective

Whether you are planning a plant extension/revamp or you want to learn more about the current status of your plant and buildings – our (laser-) scanner services can assist you here.

We offer drone flights to assess your plant from every angle, executed by our experienced experts who know the plants perfectly. Apart from pure visual examinations our offer ranges from thermodynamic to laser based scans of the plant. The latter one is especially helpful to create 3D models for a variety of purposes (e. g. revamp planning – “are there interfering edges?”).


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Predictive Operation

Operator Training System​

Ensure well trained personnel

The Operator Training Simulator (OTS) package includes customization of software, supply of software and hardware, documentation and introduction of use. The training simulator can be used in parallel to the on-the-job training and pre-commissioning, commissioning and operations phase.

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Plant Rate Control

Fully automatic adjustment of plant control parameters

The plant rate control solution allows automatic changes of the relevant parameters as response to a changed load demand. In existing plants, the “plant rate control” can be installed with limited effort and used to perform controlled adjustments in a running plant. The application for the start-up phase can be implemented as an extended solution along with the requirement of additional hardware and instrumentation.


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Performance Optimization

Process Parameter Optimization

Choose the operation settings wisely

Artificial neural network and optimization algorithms provide data-based plant operation recommendations which are able to provide suggestions on optimal process settings in order to maximize your targets (product quality, product yield, energy efficiency, etc.) Our solution provides either a so called „Artificial Intelligence Assistant“ (suggestions for a manual change of parameters by the operator) or an „Artificial Intelligence Controller” (automatic adjustment of parameters without involvement of the operator).


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Digital Twin

Digital Twin

Valuable insights through virtual plant representation

The digital twin consists of multiple elements which are virtual representations of various plant sub-units or single devices. It will be continuously (24 hours/day, 365 days/year) updated with measured data from the plant and will process this data in near real-time and run in parallel to the actual plant providing virtual monitoring, prediction and optimization functions. If a process cannot be simulated directly (white box approach), neural networks can be used for an accurate prediction.

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Advanced Process Control

Close loop plant control

Advanced process control is the application of dynamic models to provide close loop Plant controls. It is the combination of thermodynamic models, chemical models, and techno-economic models to maximize the Plant throughput while satisfying all process and equipment constraints.

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