Heat Recovery Coke Ovens

Premium technology for heat-recovery coke ovens

Compared to conventional slot-type ovens, this technology has the advantage that coal of a comparably “poorer” grade can be used, and at the same time a higher-grade coke with larger individual pieces obtained. “Poorer” grade means that coals with high or low volatile matter can be used as, unlike with conventional slot-type ovens, high internal pressure is not a problem due to the free head space of the heat-recovery coke oven (HRCO) design.

“Heat recovery” means that this oven type can optionally use the excess heat to generate high-pressure steam. This is an advantage in regions where there is a shortage of electrical energy and electricity prices are high.

The advanced HRCO design from thyssenkrupp Uhde has an edge over other HRCO designs, for example due to the efficient air supply system which facilitates homogenous heat distribution and uniform coke quality. Both the primary and secondary combustion air supply as well as the individual flue gas stream of each oven are automatically and time-dependently controlled.

Negative pressure operation prevents fugitive emissions. This also offers an environmental advantage over conventional slot-type ovens with vertical heating flues. It also reduces combustion losses of coke.

  • Top-grade coke

  • Almost no emissions due to negative-pressure operation

  • Fewer requirements for coal selection (lower OPEX)

  • Precise, time-dependent air/flue gas regulation

  • Use of high-quality insulation materials for the highest temperatures in order to avoid overheated refractory sections (hot spots).

  • Optimized quenching process with flat-bed quenching cars

  • High degree of plant instrumentation, automation control and redundancy

  • Minimal dust deposits and pressure losses in waste heat boilers

  • Oven design based on enhanced 1D, 2D, 3D CFD simulation models

  • Expected oven lifetime based on Uhde experience >25 years

These are just some of the many advantages we offer. To find out more about what we can do for you, why not contact our experts today!

Advanced HRCO design

Thanks to intensive research over more than 20 years

Optimized quenching process

Developed for flat-bed-quenching cars

Rapid heat-up of HRCO banks

Through the use of an external burner system (natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, coke oven gas)