Green Ammonia

The challenges of our time are that the world's population is growing more and more and fossil resources are running out. More people need more food and more energy. In order to protect the climate, we want to reduce the CO2 emissions. At thyssenkrupp we are driven by sustainability – to stop climate change, develop technologies that make sustainability feasible for business, reduce the carbon footprint of industrial value chains, and move renewable energies forward. That is what motivated us to develop our green ammonia technology.

Fertilizers and energy storage with green ammonia

Green ammonia is crucial to tackle the existential challenges of producing enough food to feed a growing global population and generating CO2-free energy. Ammonia (NH3), a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen, is mainly used to manufacture fertilizers. 80% of the annual global production of over 170 million metric tons is used in this way. And that should become even more in the next few years.

But ammonia can also be burnt to make electricity with air and water the only emissions, or used as a storage medium for energy generated from renewable sources.

Green ammonia – Independence from imports and fossil resources

Green ammonia – Independence from imports and fossil resources

As the diagram below shows, ammonia is conventionally produced using natural gas as a fuel. Unfortunately, this accounts for around 1.4% of global fossil-fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

But there is an alternative. At thyssenkrupp Uhde we developed a technology that can produce green ammonia from just water, air and electricity generated from renewables. The process involved, alkaline water electrolysis (AWE), is based on the proven chlor-alkali electrode technology developed by thyssenkrupp nucera, whose expertise and experience in electrolysis technology and EPC execution are based on more than 500 projects with over 10 GW capacity installed worldwide.

Green Ammonia
Green Ammonia

  • Zero CO2-emissions
  • No import taxes and logistics
  • Local supply, independent from gas price

SAFCO Ammonia Plant

Experience cannot be copied: Cutting-edge ammonia technology since 1928

thyssenkrupp Uhde is one of the leading technology providers in ammonia field by using the proven uhde® ammonia process. We are a reliable and competent EPC contractor and world market leader for electrolysis and ammonia plants with more than 150 plants built worldwide and over 90 years of experience. We are constantly improving our designs and technologies by process development and R&D activities and working on improved energy efficiencies and higher capacities.

Our first green ammonia plant we built 1962 in Chile with a capacity of 50 metric tons per day ammonia. Our References

Green ammonia production – ecological and economic benefits

Features of our Green ammonia plant

Small-scale green ammonia plants – or revamps

For the production of green ammonia we build on decades of expertise and experience as the world market leader in electrolysis and ammonia plants:

* if the required electricity is generated from renewable sources

We offer customers a choice of two small-scale green ammonia plants or a revamp option to convert an existing ammonia plant to green production through the integration of AWE technology.

Revamps and de-bottlenecking of ammonia plants – greening of existing fertilizer plants

Our green ammonia process based on AWE technology is an interesting option for greening existing ammonia plants, as the following diagram shows. The water electrolysis can be coupled with the synthesis section of your existing ammonia plant. Nitrogen is generated via air separation.

Green Ammonia Diagram


Green Ammonia Flyer

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Green Hydrogen and Green Chemicals Concept Development

Green hydrogen and green chemicals concept development brochure
All you need to assess the economic fesaibility of green hydrogen and green chemicals projects, from first concept to detailed modeling.

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