Tailor-made equipment for LDPE and EVA plants

Tailor-made equipment for LDPE and EVA plants
Process flow diagram

Being a specialist in design, development and fabrication of high pressure components in LDPE plants Uhde HPT is the market leader. Thanks to a worldwide unique spectrum of items on offer we manufacture and supply all components above 300 bars – except for compressors. By means of our comprehensive product portfolio we support our clients and licensors up to the assembly and commissioning of overall plants. Thus, our customers profit from reliable solutions from one source.

Our long-term experience gained by the implementation of LDPE projects is consequently used in favour of our clients: on the one hand, plants being in operation for several decades give evidence of the reliability and durability of our work. On the other, we can especially exploit findings resulting from long times of operation. For example, the experience that markets, technologies and demands alter continuously, is directly integrated into developments: from the beginning, the planning of new plants considers the possibility of expansions or technical modifications.

Uhde HPT holds numerous solutions and has extraordinary technical knowledge available which is integrated into the layout and design of all technological details.

Ph. D. Kaiyue Liu, Sales
Tabular reactors

All over the world Uhde high-pressure reactors prove efficiency and reliability. Since 1955 we have been one of the major suppliers in the petrochemical industry, where we are appreciated especially for the continuous technological further developments. Today, we build reactors with inside diameters of 70 to 90 mm for pressures of up to 3,600 bars. Accordingly, production capacities have been multiplied from 10,000 t/a in the past to more than 400,000 t/a.