Extract, clean, impregnate using supercritical fluids

Process flow diagram

Process flow diagram: Supercritical fluid processes

Uhde HPT has comprehensive knowledge in the development of CO2 plants. That is why we are able to handle maximum requirements regarding process engineering, design, materials and components. Being a developer of complete plants, Uhde HPT combines the eye for the bigger picture with the know-how for every detail with regard to CO2 plants: with a unique high manufacturing vertical integration we recommend ourselves as a highly specialized supplier for vessels, quick-acting closure systems, heat exchangers, instruments, valves, prefabricated pipes and fittings up to completely pre-installed plants and modules, which are designed and fabricated according to the latest state-of-the-art techniques with regard to design and materials.

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Supercritical fluids can replace conventional solvents eg. methanol, ethanol, methylene chloride. CO2 has proven to be particularly well suited for the extraction of natural substances due to its outstanding thermodynamical properties.

Volkmar Steinhagen, Sales
supercritical fluids
  • From small size plants... (2-6 l, 300-1000 bar)

  • ...up to large size equipment (3-6 m3, 300-750 bar)

  • Pre-mounted plants (u pto approx. 1000 l)

  • Closure systems for quick access & product exchange

  • Hygienic design (FDA/cGMP) possible

  • Horizontal & vertical design of extraction vessels

  • Process and plant design, delivery of plant components as well as installation, commissioning and after sales service, all from one source