Tailor-made equipment for fertilizer plants

Process flow diagram

With its comprehensive competence for all high pressure-specific aspects concerning the design of the plant Uhde High Pressure Technologies has always forced the technological further development, especially in the area of urea plants as well. Our performance spectrum begins with the process-technical design of components for fertilizer plants and also comprises the specific design of relevant details. Components as well as valves, piping and prefabricated systems are tested for their reliability already before the integration into the plant – the manufacture of completely premounted assemblies does not only increase safety, but also reduces the efforts during the mounting works on site.

The high manufacturing content of Uhde High Pressure Technologies offers safety for the design and quality of the entire plant equipment. Thanks to the intense examination of all materials used, precise calculations and test results potential defects can be detected from the start and eliminated – before they can impair safe and continuous operations in the future plant. The documentation of all manufacturing and test steps as well as all later alterations creates the prerequisite for the precise tracking and analysis of the development process of the plant at a later time.

Uhde HPT is a powerful partner of the fertilizer industry and recommends itself especially by a comprehensive know-how in design, manufacture and service.

Sebastian Puls, Sales
Control valve

Control valves belong to our special valves. Hereby, we fulfil all usual standards; our design and flexible construction allows us to meet many customer wishes like closing times, types of actuators and attachments etc. Common nominal sizes of the portfolio are between DN 1”
and DN 16” and can be obtained for all pressure stages of forged bodies.