Green chemicals for sector coupling

Integrating renewable energy into the power grid without sacrificing stability is a big challenge. Short-term fluctuations need to be compensated for and supply curves need to be reconciled with demand. The green energy revolution has just begun and coupling power generation with the mobility, industry and heat sectors is a must.

Green hydrogen derivates turn energy into a commodity

In the EU, approximately 35% of energy now comes from renewables, which is a remarkable achievement. Seen globally this figure drops to 13%. At the moment, the European power grid is still able to cope with this amount of unsteady energy, but as the share of energy from renewable sources increases, this will soon change. Therefore, a flexible element is needed to act as a backup power generation capacity to meet energy consumption, ideally using existing infrastructure. Here, power-to-X solutions are viable routes for solving many of the challenges ahead. The hydrogen produced can be converted into green ammoniagreen methanol or green SNG using thyssenkrupp Uhde’s proprietary technologies and global execution expertise.

Using the existing gas grid to transport green energy

Simply transmitting electricity is far less cost-efficient than converting hydrogen into natural gas and then using the gas grid as an effective means of storage and transportation. Only by adding electrical storage facilities and expanding the power transmission grid with green gas infrastructure can we create a future-ready, efficient energy system that reduces the financial burden on end customers.

Although hydrogen can be directly injected into the gas grid, it is only possible in limited quantities. A good option is therefore to convert it into synthetic natural gas using thyssenkrupp’s methanation process. This was successfully proven in the "STORE&GO" demonstration project by means of a pilot plant, and the multi megawatt concept developed is now ready to go. Click here to learn more about our green SNG.

Versatility of renewable hydrogen - in the gas grid and beyond

In addition to the direct use of renewable hydrogen, there are many applications that extend its breathtaking capabilities even further. These range from its use as an energy carrier to its use in the production of synthetic fuels or fertilizers. It is here that thyssenkrupp boasts a unique range of technologies, such as the world-leading Uhde ammonia process, which produces green ammonia from nothing but air, water and sunlight (or other renewables). Ammonia is, in turn, an exceptional energy carrier for long distances, bridging the great distances between regions with high renewable production capacities and those with less capacity but high demand. Click here to learn more about green Ammonia.