uhde® entrained-flow technology and AdWinMethanol® technology flowchart

uhde® entrained-flow technology and AdWinMethanol® technology flowchart

  • AdWinMethanol® technology is based on well-proven equipment, but utilizes an advanced process arrangement and optimized process parameters

  • AdWinMethanol® technology is the advancement of the existing methanol technologies, which brings some considerable improvements and advantages for the owner/operator:

    - Improved reliability

    - Reduced EPC cost for a 5,000+ mtpd AdWinMethanol® plant

    - Reduced natural gas consumption

    - Significantly reduced catalyst cost

    - More simple operation

  • Up to 10,000 t/d methanol in a single train with reduction of TIC by a significant two-digit % number compared to conventional technology

  • The AdWinMethanol® technology and the uhde entrained-flow gasification process can be easily combined to an integrated optimised integrated solution for the production of green methanol.