Refining & Petrochemical Processes


thyssenkrupp Uhde has many years’ experience in the field of refining, i.e. atmospheric or vacuum distillation. In the recent past we have undertaken various construction projects and revamps using either proprietary or third-party technology.

Naphtha and middle distillate processing is one of our core refining competencies. We have executed numerous major projects (grassroots plants and revamps) over the past few years using world-class technologies from leading licensors and catalyst producers in combination with our proprietary process technology and know-how.

Catalytic and non-catalytic processes, offsites and processes for the production of ethers

Thanks to our wealth of experience in refining technology, we are familiar with most refining processes, including catalytic reforming, hydrocracking, fluid catalytic cracking (FCC), isomerization and alkylation as well as visbreaking, oil and residue gasification, gas processing/treatment and offsites such as utilities and tank farms.

In addition, thyssenkrupp Uhde licenses processes for the production of ethers such as MTBE, ETBE (including the conversion of existing MTBE plants to produce ETBE), TAME, TAEE and DME. We have implemented a long list of projects with the most diverse requirements based on proprietary know-how or technologies licensed from third parties or customers. This is proof enough of our expertise.

The scope of services we offer

  • Full knowledge of all refining technologies from a single source

  • Process plants as well as offsites

  • Use of both proprietary and third-party technologies.