Calmness is perhaps the first feeling one senses before meeting Digantika. She always shares a smile, putting us immediately at ease. Her mannerisms convey that she is an everyday hardworking woman, who brings about a style in her work and at home that is unique and authentic.

Her colleagues enjoy working with her. Her style of leading her team is by way of doing, collaborating, and learning from her colleagues and the environment. Work in her role involves her influencing people and managing multiple deadlines of the project. This is tough, as working with many uncontrollable factors and delivering on them has made her understand human behaviours under a variety of stressful and powerful situations. Her interactions with her team members are a purposeful effort to build meaningful conversations. “It is important for me to have one-to-one communication, to appreciate them for their good work and to stand by them against all odds”.

She blends in and out – never eager to be overtly noticed. She is a Bengali at heart. She influences her kids to grow up in the rich city of Mumbai and gently integrates the nuances of multiple cultures in them, inspiring them to be rooted as well as explore. Her open-mindedness, patience and flexibility are great assets, and she navigates corporate as well as the social tapestry effortlessly.

Much like herself, her approach to inclusion is practical. She encourages conversations at home that draw the attention of her children to the various behaviours that can be perceived as exclusion. “If inclusive practices start early at home, I don’t think we will need to inspire it. That is my effort with the kids.”

With her heart on her sleeves, Digantika takes on the challenges of her work and her personal life gracefully. In an unassuming way, her journey marked with several milestones inspires others to do better and is the win as a leader that she is proud of.  

 Meet her to meet the “woman of possibilities.”