Coke Oven Gas Treatment

Coke oven gas is a valuable by-product in the conventional production of coke. It enables the recovery of a wide range of other coal by-products, which, when marketed, make the production of coke even more cost-effective. The main product of a dedicated gas treatment unit, the treated coke oven gas, is used as fuel gas although it can also be used as a feedstock for the production of chemical products.

Some outstanding examples of gas treatment units based on our technology at large-scale coke oven plants are:

  • Schwelgern, Germany (155,000 m³/h gas)

  • Hyundai, Korea (phase 1/2: 170,000 m³/h, phase 3: 120,000 m³/h gas)

  • POSCO, Gwangyang (160,000 m³/h gas)

  • FCFC, Vietnam (195,000 m³/h gas).

Our processes employ high-performance state-of-the-art equipment and equipment components that ensure efficient, reliable operation of the plants and minimize their environmental impact. Our wide range of technologies and services allows us to provide our customers with tailored solutions, including:

Gas condensation and cooling

Tar removal

  • Detarers

  • Electrostatic tar precipitators

Naphthalene removal

  • with tar wash oil

Benzene removal

  • with tar wash oil

  • with biodiesel

Ammonia removal

  • Cyclasulf


  • Cyclasulf

  • Vacasulf

  • Final treatment

Sulphur recovery

  • MonoClaus

Sulphuric acid production

  • Conventional

  • Emissions-free sulfuric acid plant

Ammonium sulfate production

Ammonia recovery

  • Phosam

Coke oven gas treatment for the production of synthesis gas

Wastewater treatment

  • Conventional

  • Loop reactor

Flue gas treatment

  • NOx removal

  • SOx removal

  • CO2 separation

  • Steam boiler

  • Flue gas desulfurization

  • NOx removal

  • CO2 separation

The treated coke oven gas can be subjected to an additional final desulfurization step so that it can be used as synthesis gas. Instead of treating the coke oven gas, it is possible to use it purely for heating or energy purposes. Here, too, thyssenkrupp Uhde offers steam generation plants with a corresponding flue gas treatment unit.