Coke Plant Technologies

Coke Plants

When it comes to coke plant technologies, thyssenkrupp Uhde is the supplier of choice for new builds and revamps. Since combining the know-how of the former coke oven plant engineering and construction companies Dr. C. Otto, Carl Still, Heinrich Koppers and Didier under its roof, thyssenkrupp Uhde's experienced employees have continuously developed this expertise. We are thus the only company in the world who can offer, supply and commission complete coke oven plants of a wide variety of designs from a single source.

The advantages are obvious

  • Great flexibility through a broad range of proprietary technologies

  • A customized solution for every single section of your plant

  • Latest state of the art

  • Compliance with the latest environmental standards

  • Production of high-quality coke for the rest of your value chain or for sale

  • Improved cost efficiency and environmental compatibility in your coke production

  • Customer proximity (local presence throughout the world)

  • Great flexibility in the scope of the work package (from individual services to a turnkey plant)

We offer decades of experience

  • in the international EPC sector

  • in implementing plant sections or complete plants

  • in inspection, maintenance and repair to extend the life cycle of coke oven plants

  • in expanding or revamping existing plants

Take a look at our extensive list of references (a wealth of projects around the world) and see for yourself.

Single source service solutions along your entire plant life cycle

360° Service - increasing efficiency, conserving resources, reducing emissions

Repairs, inspection and maintenance of coke oven batteries

With 150 years of experience thyssenkrupp Uhde offers the whole scope of services for a straight operation, increase of production, minimization of emissions and to prolong the life time of the batteries:

Inspections of coke oven batteries

Regular inspections of the coke oven batteries are indispensable in order to identify impermissible deformations. We combine our digital and technical competences and use the information to create measurable added value for our customers.

  • Heating flue/wall inspections

  • Waste gas measurements/analysis

  • Inspection of mechanical equipment (wall protection plates, doors, bracing system)

  • Inspection of coke oven service machines

  • Thermography

Heating flue/wall inspections

Heating flue/wall inspections

An annual inspection of a coke oven battery is necessary to identify existing problems or defects which will cause problems in the  future. To prevent from this, the inspection result will help to determine necessary next steps like maintenance, repair or refurbishment of parts of the battery. This will prolong the life time of the battery and secure the production of coke.

Inspections of the refractory such as:

  • Inspection of heating walls for cracks, surface damages, deformed areas of brickwork, oven sole and cover bricks

  • Damaged corbel areas and regenerators walls

  • Blocked heating flues

  • Restricted gas flow through the regenerators

  • Cross-leakages from oven chamber to heating flue

  • Over expended and grown brickwork at the oven top

  • High oven top temperatures

Inspections of the mechanical equipment such as:

  • Misadjustment or inoperative bracing system

  • Bent/damaged buckstays, supports, tie rods etc.

  • Any kind of damages to springs, pressure bolts etc.

  • Malfunctions of the oven closures like oven doors, door frames, charging holes etc.

  • Malfunctions of the heating system like gas/air boxes, reversing system, gas distribution etc.

  • Malfunctions of the raw gas system like gas collecting main, stand pipes etc.

Your advantages:

  • Experienced team with profung knowledge of the entire coking process

  • Elaboration of maintenance and repair concepts

  • Future oriented solutions

  • Cost estimation and return of invest calculation