Coke Oven Machines

Coke oven machines are an integral part of any coke oven plant. They charge the ovens with the coal feedstock, push the coke from the ovens after coking, feed it to the quenching process and transport the coke to the downstream consumers. 

Our coke oven machine specialists work in close cooperation with our coke oven plant engineering and construction teams to develop carefully planned execution concepts that specifically meet market and customer requirements. We capitalize on the combined experience gained by Hartung, Kuhn & Co., Krupp-Koppers and Dr. C. Otto over more than a century. All technical concepts for both conventional coke oven plants and heat recovery solutions employ state-of-the-art emissions control technologies.

We offer coke oven machines for:

Conventional coke oven plants

  • Charging cars

  • Pusher machines

  • Coal stamping machines/ coke pusher machines

  • Coke transfer cars

  • Quenching locomotives

  • Quenching cars (pulled)

  • Quenching cars (self-propelled)

Heat-recovery coke oven plants

  • Stamping stations

  • Charging/pushing machines

  • Quenching cars (self-propelled)

  • Coke pusher stations

Advanced emission control systems

Various emission control systems of the highest standard to protect personnel and the environment:

  • Pushing emissions control systems (PECS)

  • Charging emissions control systems (CESC) using a u-tube car

  • Door emission control systems (DECS)