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Sulfur Recovery Plants

Many chemical and petrochemical plants produce sulfurous waste gases. In most cases, the sulfurous components of these gases can be converted into elemental sulfur and sold as a by-product.

Based on the Claus process, thyssenkrupp Uhde offers different technologies that can be used with a wide variety of sulfurous gases in a wide range of applications:

  • refining processes

  • natural gas production

  • synthesis gas production

  • coke oven plants.

In addition to sulfur recovery, we also offer equipment for gas scrubbing (desulfurization and CO2 removal), sour water stripping, amine regeneration and tail gas treatment.

Your benefits:

  • We offer tailored, optimized sulfur recovery equipment (e.g. the MonoClaus process) for all applications and all feed gases.

  • Cost-effective overall plant concepts by matching the plant components to the gas scrubbing and tail gas treatment units.