Efficient, low-emission sulfuric acid plants

Sulfuric acid can be sold locally or used directly to process raw materials into more valuable products. As sulfuric acid is difficult to transport, in most cases it makes sense to build local processing plants. Thyssenkrupp Uhde offers a full range of proprietary process technologies for the production of sulfuric acid both from sulfurous waste gases and elemental sulfur.

Our patented solutions allow low-emission, cost-optimized plant operation. Thanks to self-contained plant units, shutdowns to replace plant units are in part no longer subject to the usual pressure of time and installation costs can be optimized.

Innovative solutions from a single source

We can offer a complete service package – from feasibility studies to handover of turnkey plants (EPC-LSTK) – from a single source, thus minimizing costly and unnecessary interface management.

Our sulfuric acid plants are mainly used in:

  • phosphate fertilizer industry

  • metallurgical plants (e.g. nickel, copper, zinc production)

  • coke plant technology

Your benefits:

  • maximum heat recovery (patented)

  • emission-free, self-contained heating system (patented)

  • emission-free, self-contained sulfur melting process (patented)

  • optimized converter/contact tower (patented)

  • license-free process technology and plant concepts