Nitric Acid


Uhde offers its customers many years of expertise and experience in chemical plant engineering - from the execution of process studies to the handling of projects on an EPC basis.

We offer a highly competitive technology for the production of nitric acid in the range up to more than 2000 mtpd.

Based on customer-specific requirements an optimized process concept is developed, taking into account capital expenditure and operating cost. Both, mono-pressure and dual-pressure processes are available.

Plants can be designed for applications in fertilizer or explosives industries (usually approx. 60% nitric acid concentration), or for the chemical industry (up to 68% nitric acid concentration, azeotropic acid).

Technology Highlights:

  • More than 130 references for all process variants since 1958, 23 references in the 21st century

  • High reliability and on-stream time

  • Low emissions and colourless tail gas (EnviNOx®, best available technology)

  • High energy efficiency

  • Long campaigns up to 12 months

  • Up to date equipment referenced (e.g. NAMAX – the newest generation of an inline nitric acid machine train)

  • Patented designs of key equipment

  • Long lifetimes of plant e.g. by specially suited material selection

  • Easy maintenance

  • Proven cost-effectiveness

Uhde provides services from concept studies to turn-key plants, as well as operations and maintenance.