Phosphate Plants

Rock to phosphate fertilizers – complete process chain from a single source

thyssenkrupp is able to offer the whole process chain from mining through beneficiation via sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid production to phosphate fertilizers such as DAP (diammonium phosphate), MAP (mono-ammonium phosphate), NPK (compound/multi-nutrient fertilizers) and others.

Mining and beneficiation, grinding
Sulfuric acid
Materials handling
Integrated process chain

Phosphoric acid

Phosphoric acid

thyssenkrupp uses phosphoric acid technology licensed by PRAYON Technologies and offers different processes.

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  • Mining equipment produced in-house

  • Own beneficiation know-how

  • Proprietary sulfuric acid technology

  • 5 different di-hydrate and hemi-hydrate processes for phosphoric acid production (merchant grade)

  • Licensed technologies for granulated and crystallized MAP/DAP

  • Materials handling and port equipment produced in-house