Advantages Features of Urea 2000plus

Advantages of the Urea 2000plus technology

  • Savings in investment costs due to the reduction in size and – for the pool reactor concept – also the number of high pressure items

  • Operational advantages:

    • more stable level / pressure control

    • less sensitivity to changes in the load or the N/C ratio

    • fast capacity change of the plant due to self-regulating heat transfer characteristics

  • Reduced construction height, resulting in reduced construction costs

  • Improved heat transfer leading to reduced heat exchanger area

New features in recent plants using Urea 2000plus technology

  • The high pressure section of recently-built urea plants are made of Safurex, a duplex steel specially developed for the Stamicarbon urea process by Sandvik, Sweden. This steel offers excellent corrosion resistance and high toughness and permits a reduction in the amount of added passivation air.

  • For plants with state-of-the-art capacities Uhde applies Flowserve centrifugal pumps in ammonia and carbamate high pressure service. These pumps were newly introduced for this application and lived up to expectations in the Qafco 4 fertilizer plant. They proved to be highly reliable and require minimum maintenance.

Common highlights for all CO2 stripping processes

  • Low energy consumption

  • High process efficiency leading to low raw material consumption figures

  • High on-stream times (reliability)

  • Low corrosion rates

  • High safety standards

  • Low emissions

  • Simple operation

  • Easy maintenance