Urea Granulation

UFT® fluid bed granulation for high efficiency and excellent quality

The urea melt, concentrated in the evaporation section of the urea synthesis plant, is fortified with a granulation agent and fed to the granulation plant applying the UFT® fluid bed urea granulation process. In there it is processed to high-grade solid urea granules. Within this process the granulated product leaving the granulator is classified and cooled to the requirements before sent to final product storage facilities.

With the UFT® fluid bed granulation process all kind of required product sizes can be produced under all climatic conditions, world-wide. The produced granules are well rounded, very hard and ultra-resistant to crushing and abrasion and because of that ideal for bulk transport, bulk blending and have a greater agronomical efficiency than prilled urea and can therefore substitute it in all applications.

The occurrence of urea dust is not avoidable in any urea fluid bed granulation process and in the urea synthesis not converted ammonia is released with the urea melt into the granulator. Both would be released with the air required for the process at the stack of the plant. Own, in-house emission reduction technologies are part of our portfolio and allow to reduce such emissions exactly to the needs of the customer and the relevant limits.

At the same time our market share of over 70% in capacity proof that our customers are satisfied with our UFT® fluid bed granulation plants which are easy to operate while offering operational flexibility, production security and product quality.

The granules produced by this technology are round and very hard and therefore highly resistant to crushing and abrasion. They can be produced in a wide range of defined sizes.

Urea dust, which is entrained in the air from the granulator, the fluidized-bed coolers and various dedusting points, is recovered in a scrubbing system. Process condensate from the desorption section is used as make-up water for the scrubbing liquid, which is recycled to the evaporation section.

Available technologies

Because of its high efficiency and a granulator that ensures excellent product quality with extremely low solid recycle rates, the UFT® Urea Fluid Bed Granulation by thyssenkrupp Fertilizer Technology GmbH is the leading granulation technology. It permits the construction of single-train granulation plants which are in line with the largest synthesis units so far constructed. The process conforms to the most stringent environmental laws as there is no waste water and only minimum dust emissions. Maximum operating flexibility and reliability as well as minimum maintenance and operating staff requirements are further features of this advanced process, which is used in more than 70 urea plants worldwide.

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