Ethylene Dichloride & Vinyl Chloride



thyssenkrupp Uhde added EDC and VCM to its range of processes some 50 years ago when the company engineered and constructed its first plants of this kind for the Hoechst Group at Gendorf and Knapsack using the original process.

In the 1990s Hoechst's vinyls business and technology was transferred to Vinnolit GmbH & Co. KG and thyssenkrupp Uhde became Vinnolit's exclusive engineering partner for its EDC / VCM and polyvinyl technology. Today’s high technological standard has been achieved through intensive development work on the part of Hoechst, and later Vinnolit, in collaboration with thyssenkrupp Uhde with respect to operational reliability, economic efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Close cooperation between the companies results in continuous innovations and sets new technology standards, e.g. the successful application of the new EDC boiling reactor and the compact natural circulation (CNC) reactor, one of the most recent major achievements.

thyssenkrupp Uhde not only offers the engineering and supply of new production plants with world-scale capacities, but also tailor-made solutions for revamping on-stream plants to meet state-of-the-art economic and environmental standards.

So far, thyssenkrupp Uhde has built plants with a total nominal capacity of more than 10 million tonnes per year of EDC and 6.5 million of VCM. thyssenkrupp Uhde’s share of the EDC market totals approximately 40 %.

We offer further processes along EDC and VCM production, particularly:

  • direct chlorination,

  • boiling reactor technology,

  • CNC reactor technology

  • oxychlorination,

  • EDC distillation,

  • EDC cracking,

  • VCM distillation,

  • HCl recovery

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