A Sum of all Choices


I moved to Delhi at the age of 17 to pursue my graduation. I remember it vividly as my first step into the unknown, the beginning of a life filled with interesting twists and turns. I could have chosen the usual path but the mystery of the road less travelled has always charmed me. It has given me varied experiences, the confidence and has shaped my views.

My family knows me as confident and careful, understanding that I will make the best of any situation as I steadily transition through life's demands. Choosing to take up my first job at a chemical plant site, rather than at a plush office, is also one of such decisions I am proud of.

I describe myself as an assertive, competitive, and professional career woman, handling multiple projects and diverse HR portfolios which provide an opportunity to upskill and is extremely important to me as a person. I thrive on people interactions and exploring new areas of work. They contribute towards me becoming a better version of myself by pushing my boundaries.

Being kind and fostering an environment of trust through my work and interactions are equally important to me. What moves me is the transactional nature of the interactions in today’s times. Kindness and consideration are underrated. It is our responsibility to translate kindness and gratitude as a value to the next generation. When I look at my team, I am aware that I must create a trustful atmosphere for them to grow, where they can value incremental gains and be their own competition.

I am a result of my choices. While some of these are conscious, for some I have trusted the flow and made them according to what seemed appropriate at various junctures of my life. While certain situations are beyond my control, supportive family and leaders make this journey easier.

Looking back, I know I have come far. But I am aware of my journey left where a lot needs to be done. I am moving forward.