Beyond Strength

Driven and diligent, she believes that sheer strength isn't the sole determinant of success. Committed to achieving her goals with compassion as her ally, meet Pournima Karwande from the Piping Department.

A sum of all choices

Assertive and sincere, thoughtful and witty, she lives out her experiences through her daily work. The coming together of all her choices is her strength. She is proud of them and plays by them. Meet Aakansha Tyagi - poised and balanced - but with an indomitable courageous spirit...

Leader by Design

Open-minded, kind, patient and one of our own. Meet Digantika Chatterjee, the lead procurement professional for one of the prestigious global projects, as she navigates effortlessly from the past to the now and everything in between.

Superstar girl

To live life on their terms. To be social and socially responsible. This group of millennials is characterized by a canvas of opportunities. Of Dreams. Of Hope. Of an equitable world that is synonymous with their version of excellence. They are the future of the organization. They are #Generationtk.

Army of Strength

With roles that define, challenges that strengthen, and experiences that enrich, here are women who lead their lives with a force that is an example to those around them. Freedom of their work, the high of managing a family, and the necessary time for themselves, their merit is in the way they carry it all, with pleasure, dignity, aplomb, and patience. These are the women of strength. Role models for their teams. They are #Generationtk.

The torchbearers of technologies

The torchbearers of technologies, the cohort transforming raw materials into products of value, the experts who can support the decarbonization narrative, the tribe who are aware of the difference they bring to the chemical industry. Meet this inspiring group of #processengineers who are so integral to #thyssenkrupp. They are #generationtk.

Manifesting the safety culture

My father wanted me to be a doctor. I, on the other hand, underwent NCC cadet training as I wanted to enrol in the army. However, my calling, I realised later, was to be in HSE where I am now.

Forging her path

Returning to my career from a break looked daunting at first. There was a self-doubt whether four years had impacted my professional capabilities. However, during the interview with thyssenkrupp, I did not face any bias.

Being the Voice

“Mechanical engineering is more about the brains than about the physical strength” my father said, when I was unsure of whether I would be able to succeed as a mechanical engineer. This was nearly 21 years ago.