Beyond Strength


Pournima Karwande, an engineer by choice, challenges biases that define certain roles are suitable for girls. A firm believer that physical strength alone doesn’t define success and that there is nothing impossible for a girl if she is committed to pursuing her ambitions.

As a Piping layout engineer, she values the on-site experience she received in one of her projects. She recalls the story of how she got to go. “I was being considered for a site in Mumbai whereas there was a requirement also at a site in Gujarat. Luckily for me, the male colleague who was supposed to go resigned and I was given the chance” Once there, she found herself more than capable of handling the challenges. “All girls must strive for on-site experience”, a territory often considered only for men.

Persistent in her activities, she is driven by her sincerity, honesty, and willingness to acknowledge her mistakes. Pournima revels in the freedom and support provided by her workplace. She aspires to become a lead engineer in the Piping department in Pune, a city where she has carved out her professional niche. “Every girl and woman must pursue their passions without limitations.”  Beyond her professional ambitions, Pournima finds comfort and inspiration in her love for travel, art, and reading, ensuring she dedicates at least ten minutes daily to reading.  

She firmly believes in leading by example to promote inclusion in the workplace. While she acknowledges that her generation may not feel the full weight of societal biases, she advocates for taking a firm stand. “It only needs to be an assertion in a kind way” For her, there are no boundaries to what a girl can achieve, and she stands for this belief with every challenge she faces and every stereotype she shatters.