Horizontal Coke Ovens

150 years of experience in coke oven technologies

thyssenkrupp Uhde is a renowned supplier of both standard and customized coke oven batteries that combine customer requirements with integrated high-end solutions. Engineering principles based on the CFD-optimized COMBIFLAME 2.0 heating flue design, the extraordinary lengths taken to select the optimum oven materials, effective insulation, a high degree of redundancy, and level 2 automation all ensure top coking performance while meeting the most stringent local environmental requirements and regulations.


Along with these advantages, our design is synonymous with low energy consumption, premium coke product quality, and maximum operational reliability. All this together means that our ovens boast an extremely long oven lifetime of more than 45 years.


thyssenkriupp Uhde is a world leader in developing best available technologies. We are the successor company to the pioneers in coke oven design DR. C. OTTO, KOPPERS, CARL STILL and DIDIER, and we combine this experience with state-of-the-art plant design tools.

  • Flexible coking performance

  • High coke quality

  • Low emissions

  • Flexible dimensions

  • Low carbon deposits in the gas collecting space above the cake

3D-section of a Top Charge Coke Oven Battery
Dragon Steel, Taiwan


The advanced heating flue design COMBIFLAME 2.0 combines both internal flue gas recirculation and the air staging principle in an innovative way and represents state-of-the-art technology. This is a quantum leap towards achieving the lowest possible emissions for coke oven batteries as there is minimal thermal NOx formation in the case of both coke oven gas and mixed gas heating, obviating the need for DeNOx systems.

EnviBAT 2.0

EnviBAT 2.0

The innovative modular concept of the EnviBAT single-chamber pressure control system now means that older batteries with oven heights of between 4 - 8 m can be upgraded during a revamp, enabling them to meet revised local requirements regarding fugitive door emissions. With slight modifications, it is also possible to take a staggered approach to a refurbishment during on-going operation of the coke oven plant.