Polyvinyl chloride by Uhde-Vinnolit S-PVC technology

complete vinyl chain realized in one of the world‘s largest PVC complex in Middle East

complete vinyl chain realized in one of the world‘s largest PVC complex in Middle East

Polyvinyl chloride

The suspension polymerization process for manufacturing polyvinyl chloride is the most important way to produce a variety of general-purpose and highly sophisticated grades of PVC.

This process was invented in 1935 and first patented by Wacker-Chemie GmbH, one of the former parent companies of Vinnolit.

Continuous developments had been made in recipes, product quality and technology. Due to this long experience and continuous improvements, thyssenkrupp Uhde can offer a modern and highly economic process for the production of S-PVC worldwide.

complete vinyl value chain available

thyssenkrupp Uhde can offer the complete vinyl technology chain from a single source, starting from Chlor-Alkali Electrolysis via Ethylene Dichloride & Vinyl Chloride to S-PVC.

Uhde-Vinnolit S-PVC technology is characterised by:

  • use of outstanding High-Performance Reactor

  • intensive degassing

  • Uhde-Vinnolit MST Cyclone dryer technology

  • direct VCM condensation without gasholder

  • high quality S-PVC grades with a wide product range
    - grades K-57 up to K-68 (rigid)
    - grades K-65 up to K-75 (flexible)

insight view at inspection

insight view at inspection

Uhde-Vinnolit polymerization High-Performance Reactor

The Uhde-Vinnolit High Performance Reactor is state-of-the-art.

It has demonstrated its outstanding suitability for the production of suspension PVC on an industrial scale for many years. The Inner Cooler Reactor with its large heat transfer area and high heat transition coefficient, provides a cooling capacity twice that of a conventional reactor; therefore, no additional cooling area (such as a reflux condenser) is required.

The clean and close reactor technology enables operation of more than 1000 batches without opening and high-pressure cleaning.

The Uhde-Vinnolit High-Performance Reactor with its Simultaneous Hot Water Charging and the optimized initiator handling concept leads to the best available technology as a whole.

Increased productivity by Continuous Initiator Dosing and optimized cooling concepts by Sectional Heat Removal are available as supplementing modules on a case-by-case basis.

Uhde-Vinnolit intensive degassing technology

The intensive degassing used by Uhde-Vinnolit technology achieves VCM contents in the final product of less than 1 ppm.

Uhde-Vinnolit MST cyclone dryer

  • best available technology when dealing with capacities up to 180 kta

  • Intensive heat and mass exchange as a result of high relative velocity between gas and solids

  • uniform final moisture of all particles, no thermal degradation due to overheating or overdrying of the fines

  • small hold-up of PVC, short residence time

  • grade change without opening, cleaning and intermediate grade

  • no electrostatic charging of the product

  • less space requirement compared to a fluidized bed dryer

  • optional fluidized bed dryer available

VCM condensation without gasholder

Uhde-Vinnolit technology has no gasholder. This leads to reduced space requirements, reduced emissions and is a step towards an easier and safe operation.

Tailor made solutions

thyssenkrupp Uhde offers the engineering competence for new production plants.

But thyssenkrupp Uhde can also be your reliable engineering partner for tailor-made solutions for revamping on-stream plants to meet economic and environmental standards.