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Beyond Strength

Driven and diligent, she believes that sheer strength isn't the sole determinant of success. Committed to achieving her goals with compassion as her ally, meet Pournima Karwande from the Piping Department.

A sum of all choices

Assertive and sincere, thoughtful and witty, she lives out her experiences through her daily work. The coming together of all her choices is her strength. She is proud of them and plays by them. Meet Aakansha Tyagi - poised and balanced - but with an indomitable courageous spirit...

Leader by Design

Open-minded, kind, patient and one of our own. Meet Digantika Chatterjee, the lead procurement professional for one of the prestigious global projects, as she navigates effortlessly from the past to the now and everything in between.
Ferilisers - Nitrates

Nitrates and Nitrogenous Fertiliser plants

We have been associated with a number of Indian customers since the early seventies for their grassroots plants and revamp projects, using our group’s proprietary technology, as well as technology from other world-renowned Licensors like Stamicarbon, Perstorp, BASF etc.
Fertilisers - Phosphatic Fertilisers

D-Ammonium Phosphate and NPK Plants

We are amongst the leading engineering companies worldwide for the design and implementation of DAP and NPK plants. Our plants are implemented using the Pipe Reactor technology of Incro of Spain, who are amongst the leading suppliers and technology providers of Di-Ammonium fertiliser plants worldwide.
Urea Synthesis

Urea Synthesis, Granulation and Formaldehyde Concentration

Our plants offer you high process efficiency and reliability, low emissions and excellent product quality.
Green Chemicals

Alkaline Water Electrolysis Technology for producing Green Chemicals

As the industrial world embarks rapidly on producing green chemicals via plants and projects that reduce or eliminate the use or generation of hazardous substances like CO2 emissions that impact human health and the environment, thyssenkrupp now offers customers sustainable solutions for the entire value chain of green chemicals, from hydrogen to ammonia, methanol and synthetic natural gas – a major step towards a climate-neutral industry.
Petrochemicals and Organic Chemicals

EPC and EPCM services for Petrochemical Plants

Our experience encompasses a wide spectrum of Petrochemical and Polymer plants which were implemented based on Knowhow / Basic Engineering from internationally-renowned Licensors.

Plants for Polymers, Polyesters & Polyamides

Our experience encompasses a variety of Polymer plants in India and abroad which were implemented based on Knowhow / Basic Engineering from our group.

EPC, EPCM Services for Refineries

Our experience extends to a number of Refinery Units, which we have implemented based on our own proprietary technologies as well as technologies from other world-renowned Licensors like Axens, Linde, UOP, Shell Global, Foster Wheeler, Lurgi, CB & I Lummus.

Plants for Caustic Soda and Chlorine

We are well recognised for our plants for Caustic Soda, Chlorine and Chlorine derivatives. Over 70% of the Caustic Soda-Chlorine Membrane Cell capacities in India are based on our proprietary Bipolar Single Vessel design Membrane Cells that are environment-friendly, long-lasting, energy-efficient and cost-effective
Inorganic Chemicals & Metallurgy

Plants for Alumina, Zinc and Inorganic Chemicals

We are front-runners in the field of design and construction of Inorganic Chemical and Metallurgical plants. Our experience covers implementation of plants for a wide range of Chemicals based on knowhow / Basic Engineering from internationally-reputed Licensors.

EPC Services for Cryogenic Storages and Tank Farms

We have built more than 50 Cryogenic installations involving storage facilities, refrigeration systems, ship unloading and pipeline transfer facilities at various locations in India (including coastal areas) and abroad
Industrial Plants

EPCM Services for a variety of plants for industrial products

We have implemented a number of interesting projects for Industrial plants including plants for Air Separation Units, Hydrogen-Nitrogen Generation Units , Glycerine / Fatty Alcohol, Cosmetics, Coal Tar Filtration Filter Press Plant, BOPP for large Generation Units, Cement & Gelatin etc.
Coke Ovens

Coke Oven Batteries and Service Machines

With our illustrious history spanning almost 150 years and a global footprint covering is excess of 500 coking plants and 100,000 coke ovens, our group is one of the leading suppliers of solutions for the coking business.

Revamps, Outages, Field & Workshop Services, Asset Management, Parts & Supply Management

We appreciate your need for the year-round service and maintenance of your prized chemical facilities, and hence offer you our 360° Lifecycle Services that ensures that your plant is operated optimally on sustainable basis and upgraded / retrofitted to meet the evolving operating environment / conditions, and always in the best of health.

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